The story of a boy and his camera

In 1990, I took a class in photography. I studied the complexities of the exposure triangle and learned the basics of composition. The teacher, my favorite one Mr. Taylor, assigned me my first camera, and just like that, I became a photographer.

The first year of photography was a blur; however, I remember being told I had a "good eye," and I will never forget developing my first rolls of film in the darkroom! Something is genuinely magical after your negatives are finally developed and you print it onto the paper with a projector head and finally drag the print through all of those chemicals. You get to see A moment in time coming to life, the preservation of something that had already passed -stopped forever for to keep and share forever.

Many years and cameras later, I am still here, learning and working to be the best I can be. I create art the only way I know how. With each composition, quick adjustment of the aperture, and with every click from the shutter. Click... I create another story suspended in time, preserved for whoever's eyes fall upon it to see and enjoy forever.

-Since those early days, photography has been a part of my life and will always be. 


Jessie & Ryan

“We were so happy with Zamora Photography for our wedding day! They were professional, creative, and fun to work with. The photos are absolutely stunning and we will cherish them forever. We highly recommend Zamora Photography to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.”

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